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TK research is one of the best market research company in Sri Lanka. We are a full facility quantitative and qualitative market research fieldwork company dedicated in providing high-quality data collection and market research services. We are among the top market research companies in Sri Lanka for fetching problematic to reach audiences and excellence data collection, have in-depth knowledge and experience of applying appropriate procedures across a wide range of different businesses, geographies, and cultures.

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Minimize risk

A market research in Sri Lanka will minimize the risk complicated in the business. It will support in setting up business with a possible of making huge profits.

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Recognize clients

Know what client’s interest is and the products they avoid. When prepared with such data you will know the flawless products that can meet the present requirements of the market.

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Exclusive strategies

Without a research firm in Sri Lanka, you cannot access grave realities that will permit you to brand unique strategies, most companies fail in this.

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Value of decisions

By undertaking a market research in Sri Lanka, you find extra evidences concerning the market and the business. This expands the excellence of your choices.

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Strategic planning

Strategic planning in a research agency is managing activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations towards common goals.

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Improves communication

Market research increases current communication in corporate. The research will have you exposed to the requirement of those potential customers & ideas.

Our organization offers clients both qualitative and
quantitative research methodologies while the primary
area of our expertise can be listed as follows:

  • Advertising and Brand Equity Research
  • Brand Health Tracking
  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Retail Census and Retail Audits
  • Retail & Shopper Insights

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Measure your brand presentation and get data on product awareness, usage, observation, trustworthiness and measure marketing success & customer performances. TK Research has the knowledge of buyer involvement management in businesses like retail, food, call centers, insurance, banks, airlines, hotels, oil, government and others.

Monitoring and evaluation are an important role in any project or business. We help in determining the effectiveness of campaigns in achieving their outcome objectives. The effect of campaigns could be from both the process and the outcome. The services we offer in this are questionnaire design and creation, training of field agencies, questionnaire scripting and data capturing.

Our marketing inspection package offers you with a total picture of what goes on at the goods. We can evaluate your products’ presentation at the trade end by reviewing accessibility, pricing, graphic brand obedience or elevations across your network. We also conduct brand presence and visibility via retail audit & candid evaluation to our clients.

Our Clients

TK Research & Solutions is a Colombo Based Market Research Agency, we are one stop solution for all your market research needs. We help our clients discover their true potential audiences across the world with our research experts.